Although originally designed for the fire fighting industry, all of WaterShield’s inventions can be utilized wherever nozzles are used to apply or dispense a fluid and/or gas. Such additional uses are applicable to lawn and garden nozzles, sprinkling equipment, snow making equipment, power washing equipment, fuel injectors, perfume sprayers and other types of spray applicators.

  • DUAL FLOW Nozzle (Patent No. 6,089,474)
    As the first product developed by the company, the Dual Flow Nozzle is a multi-purpose nozzle that allows the nozzle operator to select the penetrating capabilities of a solid stream and/or the protection capabilities of a fog stream.  Such flows can be selected independently or simultaneously.  As a result of its patented hydraulic design, the Dual Flow nozzle has multi-purpose flow capabilities that are far superior to any existing dual flow nozzles.
  • VARIABLE SMOOTHBORE (Patent No. 7,097,120 and Continuation Patent Application Serial No. 11/456,839) 
    The Variable Smoothbore allows firefighters to manually maintain desired nozzle inlet pressure as well as a means to increase or decrease the flow rate in gallons per minute (GPM) without stopping and changing nozzle tips.  The ability to maintain constant nozzle inlet pressure minimizes the change in nozzle reaction.  Furthermore, stream quality and reach are not impacted as the GPM is varied.  The Variable Smoothbore is also designed for dispensing compressed air foam (CAF).
  • TWIN TIP (Patent No. 7,097,120 and Continuation Patent Application Serial No. 12/172,249) 
    The Twin Tip offers the nozzle operator the capability to apply a deluge stream in combination with a fog spray at the same time.  Furthermore, the nozzle operator may independently enable the deluge stream or the fog spray, maintaining total GPM at a consistent volume and thereby regulating the pressure in order to maintain safe operation.
  • METERING VALVE (Patent No. 7,097,120 and Continuation Patent Application Serial No. 12/172,249) 
    The Metering Valve can be used with automatic tips / nozzles to achieve a selectable GPM rate without distorting stream quality.  The Metering Valve is also advantageous for “mop up” operations.  If these style nozzles are connected to the Metering Valve, the nozzle operator could control flow regulation with just one control, being the handle of the valve, instead of relying upon complicated fire scene communications with the pump operator.
  • BULLET VARIABLE SMOOTHBORE (Patent Application Serial No. 12/172,566) 
    The Bullet Variable Smoothbore has a selectable adjustable flow and maintains the coherence and reach of the flow stream over a range of flow variability.  Through its innovative design, the nozzle allows a consistent cross sectional velocity throughout the fluid stream, thereby producing a solid column of liquid which will travel farther, hit harder and be more accurate than water streams having an inconsistent stream quality.  Furthermore, the nozzle operator can manually maintain desired nozzle inlet pressure and well as increase or decrease GPM without stopping and changing nozzle tips.  The Bullet Variable Smoothbore should excel in dispensing CAF.